Mill 1-7™ Carbide Milling Inserts

Mill 1-7 high-performance shoulder mill inserts are the perfect solution for small component machining. They can be used across a broad range of milling applications including ramping, slotting, and plunging. The Mill 1-7 inserts enable the use of higher-density cutters rather than larger inserts, providing greater feed and higher metal removal rates. They are pressed-to-size, for the lowest cost per cutting edge. The Mil 1-7 inserts have a super positive rake which provides soft action and low cutting forces for smooth entry and exit from the component. Inserts are designed with elliptical cutting edges and are optimized with a straight 90° wall.

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Workpiece Material
Workpiece Material
  • P Steel (5)
    • P0
      Low-Carbon Steels, Long Chipping C < .25%; <125 HB; <530 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P1
      Low-Carbon Steels, Short Chipping C < .25%; <125 HB; <530 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P2
      Medium and High Carbon Steels C < .25%; <220 HB; <25 HRC; >530 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P3
      Alloy Steels & Tool Steels C > .25%; <330 HB; <35 HRC; 600-850 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P4
      Alloy Steels & Tool Steels C > .25%; 350-420 HB; 35-43 HRC; 850-1400 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P5
      Ferritic, Martensitic, and PH Stainless Steels <330 HB; <35 HRC; 600-900 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • P6
      High Strength Ferritic, Martensitic, and PH Stainless Steels 350-450 HB; 35-43 HRC; 900-2400 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
  • M Stainless Steel (5)
    • M1
      Austenitic Stainless Steel 130-200 HB; <600 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • M2
      High Strength Austenitic Stainless and Cast Stainless Steels 150-230 HB; <25 HRC; >600 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
    • M3
      Duplex Stainless Steel 135-275 HB; <30 HRC; 500-1200 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
  • K Cast Iron (2)
    • K1
      Gray Cast Iron 120-290 HB; <32 HRC; 125-500 N/mm^2 UTS (2)
    • K2
      Low and Medium Strength CGI and Ductile Irons 130-260 HB; <28 HRC; <600 N/mm^2 UTS (2)
    • K3
      High Strength Ductile and Austempered Ductile Iron 180-350 HB; <43 HRC; >600 N/mm^2 UTS (2)
  • S High-Temp Alloys (5)
    • S1
      Iron-Based, Heat-Resistant Alloys 160-260 HB; 25-48 HRC; 500-1200 N/mm^2 UTS (4)
    • S2
      Cobalt-Based, Heat-Resistant Alloys 250-450 HB; 25-48 HRC; 1000-1450 N/mm^2 UTS (4)
    • S3
      Nickel-Based, Heat Resistant Alloys 160-450 HB; <48 HRC; 600-1700 N/mm^2 UTS (4)
    • S4
      Titanium and Titanium Alloys 300-400 HB; 33-43 HRC; 900-1600 N/mm^2 UTS (5)
  • H Hardened Materials (2)
    • H1
      Hardened Materials 44-48 HRC (2)
Grade Of Cutting Tool
Grade Of Cutting Tool
  • KC522M (1)
  • KC725M (1)
  • KCPK30 (1)
  • KCPM40 (1)
  • KCSM30 (1)
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