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      ISO Turning Insert • Negative D-Style
      ISO Turning Insert • Negative D-Style
      ISO Turning Insert • Negative D-Style
      ISO Turning Insert • Negative D-Style

      Kenloc™ • Negative Inserts • DNGA

      ISO Turning Insert • Negative D-Style

      SAP Material Number 1729944
      ISO Catalog Number DNGA150612T01020
      ANSI Catalog Number DNGA443T0420
      Grade KY4400
      [D] Insert IC Size 12.7000 mm
      [D] Insert IC Size .5000 in
      [L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length 15.5040 mm
      [L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length .6104 in
      [S] Insert Thickness 6.3500 mm
      [S] Insert Thickness .2500 in
      [Rε] Corner Radius 1.2000 mm
      [Rε] Corner Radius .0468 in
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      Workpiece Materials

      H Hardened Materials

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side



      • K060
      • K090


      • K68

        Composition: A hard, low binder content, alloyed grade WC/Co fine-grain grade.
        Application: The K68 grade has excellent abrasion resistance for machining cast irons, austenitic stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, non-metals, and as an alternative to the K313 grade on most high-temperature alloys. Use as a general-purpose grade for non-ferrous materials.

        S High-Temp Alloys
        N Non-Ferrous
      • KC210
      • KC810


      • KC850

        composition: A CVD tri-phase coating on an extra-strong, cobalt-enriched
        alloyed substrate.
        application: Designed for heavy cutting of low-, medium-, and high-carbon
        steels, medium hardness alloy and tool steels, stainless steels, and some
        high-temperature alloys. Excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance
        makes grade KC850 ideally suited for difficult drilling applications.
        Used in inserts for Kendex/Metcut drill bodies.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
      • KC910
      • KC9110

        Composition: Specially engineered, cobalt-enriched carbide grade with thick K-MTCVD-TiCN coating layer, an Al2O3 layer of controlled grain size, and outer layers of TiCN and TiN for maximum abrasion and wear resistance for high-speed machining.
        Application: An excellent finishing to medium machining grade for a variety of workpiece materials including most steels, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels, and cast irons. A balanced combination of deformation resistance and edge toughness. The smooth coating resists built-up edge and microchipping. For rougher cutting, use the KC9125 grade.

      • KC9120
      • KC950


      • KC990
      • KD050

        PCBN (Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride
        With ceramic binder and low PCBN content
        Finishing of hardened steel up to 65 HRC
        For higher cutting speeds
        For operations requiring high demensional consistency

      • KD081

        composition: A low content, PCBN tip brazed onto a carbide insert.
        application: Designed for roughing to finishing of hardened steels
        (>45 HRC). Use on bearing steel, hot and cold work tool steels, highspeed
        steels, die steels, case hardened steels, carburized and nitrided
        irons, and some hard coatings.

      • KD100

        composition: A polycrystalline diamond tip (PCD) brazed onto a
        carbide substrate.
        application: The KD100 grade is for general purpose turning. The
        cutting tool material contains a binder in addition to diamond
        particles. This makes the KD100 grade suitable for roughing to
        finishing all types of highly abrasive workpieces, including non-ferrous
        metals and non-metallics. Use as your first choice on high content
        silicon aluminum alloys (hypereutectic). Will generally produce good
        surface finishes. Provides the best mechanical shock resistance of the
        diamond tool materials. The cutting edge is sharp. This grade operates
        at very high speeds.

      • KD120

        composition: A high CBN content, PCBN tip brazed onto a carbide insert.
        application: The primary application area for high CBN content grades
        is in roughing to finishing of fully pearlitic gray cast iron, chilled irons,
        high chrome alloys steels, sintered powdered metals, and heavy cuts in
        hardened steels (>45 HRC). Also use for finishing chilled cast iron and
        fully pearlitic cast iron. Do not apply on finishing cuts in hardened
        steels. Available in regular size tips.

      • KD1405

        Composition: A pure CVD-deposited diamond-sheet tool brazed directly to a carbide substrate.
        Application: KD1405™ is the best Kennametal abrasion-resistant tool material for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. Best applied when abrasion resistance is the desired benefit.

        S High-Temp Alloys
        N Non-Ferrous
      • KY1320

        composition: An uncoated, advanced, silicon nitride grade
        application: High-speed roughing to finishing of gray cast iron.
        The KY1320 grade, with better wear resistance, is an ideal compliment to
        the KY3500 grade.

      • KY1540

        composition: The KY1540 ceramic is the latest and most advanced
        sialon material ever developed.
        application: Combines excellent wear properties, fracture toughness,
        and thermal shock resistance for general purpose to finish machining
        of high-temperature alloys. Provides superior depth-of-cut notch
        resistance as compared to whisker ceramics.

        S High-Temp Alloys
      • KY1615

        Composition: An advanced Alumina/TiC black ceramic grade.
        Application: Great combination of toughness and wear resistance; used for machining alloy steels, tool steels, and stainless steels to 60 HRC (653 HB). It is also applied in finish turning and boring of cast irons.

        H Hardened Materials
      • KY2000


      • KY2100


      • KY3000
      • KY3400

        composition: CVD-coated pure silicon nitride grade.
        application: Excellent combination of toughness and edge wear
        resistance; used for general purpose machining of gray cast irons
        and ductile or nodular cast irons.

      • KY3500

        A ceramic cutting material based on micro-grain Si3N4 primarily for use in light to general machining of gray cast iron and ferritic ductile cast iron. Dry machining is preferred while using this grade.

        K Cast Iron
      • KY4300

        An Al2O3 matrix reinforced with SiC whiskers for excellent toughness suited for machining high-temperature and ferrous alloys with a high Brinell hardness.

        S High-Temp Alloys
      • KY4400

        Composition: A PVD TiN coating over an aluminium oxide and titanium carbonitride composite ceramic (Al2O3/TiCN).
        Application: Used for finish turning of hardened steels and irons (greater than 45 HRC). Where possible, use under dry conditions in smooth or varied depths of cut. Can also be applied in finish turning of nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and powder metals.

        H Hardened Materials
      • KYHK15B

        Composition: A PVD coated mixed aluminum oxide composite ceramic (Al2O3) with embedded fine-grained titanium carbonitride (TiCN).
        Application: KYHK15B is suitable for turning hardened steels (45 HRC–60 HRC), finishing of cast irons and high temperature alloys. This advanced ceramic offers maximum edge strength and excellent wear resistance by achieving performance to compete with CBN.

        S High-Temp Alloys
        H Hardened Materials
        K Cast Iron
      • KYK10

        Composition: An advanced SiAlON ceramic grade.
        Application: Provides maximum wear resistance. Used for high-speed continuous turning of gray cast iron, including through scale. To be used for varying cast iron machinability.

        K Cast Iron
      • KYK25

        Composition: Pure silicon nitride ceramic with an alumina CVD coating.
        Application: Excellent combination of toughness and edge wear resistance. Used for general purpose machining of gray, ductile, or nodular cast irons. To be used for varying cast iron machinability.

        K Cast Iron
      • KYK35

        Composition: Pure silicon nitride grade.
        Application: Maximum toughness; used at high feed rates for rough machining of grey cast iron,
        including machining through interruptions.

      • KYS25

        Composition: SiAlON ceramic with a multi-layered alumina-TiCN CVD coating.
        Application: Compliments the KYS30 grade when machining high-temp and nickel-based alloys and cast materials with high Brinell hardness. This advanced CVD coating provides excellent chemical and depth-of-cut notch resistance compared to whisker ceramics.

        S High-Temp Alloys
      • KYS30

        KYS30™ is the latest in the line of α/βSiAlON grades for general purpose to finish machining of high-temperature alloys. This grade provides excellent wear characteristics, with better toughness and thermal shock resistance than whisker ceramics. KYS30 also gives improved thermal stability.

        S High-Temp Alloys
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