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Drill Fix™ DFSP™ Bodies
Drill Fix™ DFSP™ Bodies
Drill Fix™ DFSP™ Bodies
Drill Fix™ DFSP™ Bodies

Indexable Drills

Drill Fix™ DFSP™ Bodies

SAP Material Number 5689642
ISO Catalog Number DFSP200R3WD32M
ANSI Catalog Number DFSP200R3WD32M
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 32.0
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 1.259
[D1] Drill Diameter M 20.0000
[D1] Drill Diameter M .7900
[D1MAX] Drill Diameter Maximum 21.0000
[D1MAX] Drill Diameter Maximum .8268
[L1] Insert Gage Length 92.0000
[L1] Insert Gage Length 3.622
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 60.0000
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 2.362
[L5] Drill Point Length 0.6300
[L5] Drill Point Length .0250
[LS] Shank Length 58.0
[LS] Shank Length 2.283
Gage Insert SPGX0603..
Gage Insert 2 DFT0303..
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Uses and application

  • DrillingDrilling
  • Drilling: Inclined EntryDrilling: Inclined Entry
  • Drilling: Inclined ExitDrilling: Inclined Exit
  • Drilling: X-OffsetDrilling: X-Offset
  • Drilling: ConvexDrilling: Convex
  • Shank - Cylindrical Whistle Notch with Drive and FlangeShank - Cylindrical Whistle Notch with Drive and Flange
  • Through Coolant: Radial: Indexable DrillingThrough Coolant: Radial: Indexable Drilling
  • Chain DrillingChain Drilling
  • Drilling: Cross-Hole DrillingDrilling: Cross-Hole Drilling
  • Drilling:  Half-Cylindrical DrillingDrilling: Half-Cylindrical Drilling
  • Drilling: Corner Drilling 45°Drilling: Corner Drilling 45°
  • Drilling: BlindDrilling: Blind

Features and benefits

  • DFSP combines the economical squared outboard insert with the superior centering capabilities of the trigon inboard insert.

  • Drill shipped with insert screws and Torx wrench.

  • Order inserts for DFSP separately. See pages [REFERENCE] for inserts.

Warnings • Drill Fix DFR

Spare Parts for DFSP Whistle Notch WD Shank • 3 x D

INSERT SCR M2.2-0.45 X 6.3 T7
INSERT SCR M2.2-0.45 X 6.3 T7